How To Design Great Shop Signage


There are several types of shop signage that combine to drive sales higher at a brick and mortar location. Having great signage can be a tremendous asset to your company. Poor signage can be a disaster!

Exterior Business Signs

Exterior Shop Signage





Exterior signs advertise your business name and designate your location. You might do this through a pole sign, monument sign, Pylon sign, an awning over your entrance, or window graphics. Having bright, easy to read shop signage is an important part of attracting new customers. You show your customers where you are and how to reach you.

Interior Signs

Interior Shop Signage
Interior Shop Signage by GD Print.
Pavement Signage
Pavement signs can draw customers in and advertise specials.
Foamex Graphic Display Boards interior signage
Foamex signs make great interior signage at a great value!










Interior signs are used to advertise particular goods or services and are not always used exclusively indoors. Pavement signs and window signs are different from exterior signs in their purpose, though they may be utilized outside the business location.

Create Great Shop Signage

Exterior shop signage needs to be kept fresh and in good repair. The message should be clear and concise. Your exterior signage should say “This is who I am, this is where I am.” You could add, in smaller lettering, “This is what I do.” You want your exterior signage to be attractive, visible and legible at a greater distance and at higher speed than interior signs need to be.

Interior signs are more specific and usually more interesting. They are used to direct customers to specific areas of interest or to promote a particular product or service. Interior signs include pavement and window signs, which may be used outdoors, but still, differ from location signs in their purpose.

All signs have some design aspects in common. Here are some tips on creating truly great advertising signs, both indoors and out.

Know Your Message

Design New Shop Signage
Sometimes our signs aren’t saying what we want them to say.

Be clear about the message you want to send. Be sure you’re saying what you think you’re saying. Too often, whether we are writing an email, sending a text, or creating a printed sign, we know what we want to say, but fail to realize that our words fall short of conveying the entire message.

Use poster board or paper to draw our your ideas. Ask a friend, who was not a part of the design phase, to look at your proposed sign and tell you what they think the sign is trying to say. If they don’t get it right away, try again. Be sure your message is clear before taking it to print.

Your signs should be interesting, clear, brief, easy to read, and compelling.

Be Interesting

This sign is interesting, but hard to read. Try to strike a balance between clever and clear.

Your shop sign is like a great email subject line or newspaper headline. It grabs the attention of the man on the street and makes him want to open the door to your shop. If your signage is dull, boring, old, and out of date, you’ll fail to capture the attention of those passing by. Potential customers will miss the opportunity to have their interest piqued to peruse all that your delightful shop has to offer because the shop signage didn’t grab their attention and force them to take a look.

Be Clear – Be Brief

Brief Clear Signs

Attention spans are shorter than ever these days. Whether you love new technology and social media or hate it, it’s here to stay. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, Snap Chat, and all the others, have combined to shorten the attention span of the public to the point that earth shattering news is being reduced to 140 character bits. Accepting this shortened attention span, and catering to it, can help you create a sign that is brief and to the point while remaining interesting.

Be Easy To Read

It’s important to use clear fonts in easy to read colors. Too many colors distract and obscure your message. Give enough information, without overwhelming. How much information you can provide often depends on the sign location.

Make sure your signs are easy to read. Use clear, bold fonts, in sizes that match your traffic needs. Know your area. Is your local traffic more likely to be on foot or motorized? How fast will cars be traveling in your area? While a small sign may work for some areas, something much larger and more visible will be necessary for others. Before settling on a size of the sign, walk or drive past your establishment several times. Take a picture of effective signage in your area, to refer during the design phase. Just as importantly, make a note of ineffective signage and what makes it so, in order to avoid making similar mistakes.

Be Compelling

compelling signage











Use pavement signs and window signs to promote the products and services your offer. Don’t be shy about the benefits of your products. Tell your customers how they can make their lives better through purchases at your location.

  • Be a Hero – Bring Home Chocolate!”
  • Brighten Her Day With Flowers”
  • You’ll Be The Toast of The Town With Our Fresh Bread”
  • Tame Your Mane With Curt’s Curl Control”
  • Don’t Forget Aunt Mildred’s Souvenir!”
  • Give Great Gifts! We Have Them!”

Foamex Graphic Display Boards are an inexpensive way to advertise and reach potential customers for a small investment. Pop Up Stands and Large Vinyl Stickers make a big splash, indoors or out.

Design Comprehensive Retail Signage

Signage designed and installed by GD Print
New Shop Signage Designed and Installed by GD Print

The professionals at GD Print are experts in creating attractive, interesting business signage. They can help you overhaul your exterior signs, to brighten your business façade and attract new customers. They can also help you devise and design a comprehensive sign programme for your entire establishment. From exterior signs and window signs to attract new customers, to point-of-sale and display signage, GD Print has you covered!

sign for a dentist in Bourenmouth


GD Print helped design and install the shop signage for this dental clinic in Bournemouth, a top rated Southbourne dentist and dental implant provider.

Located in New Milton, GD Print serves the New Forest Area and all of Southern England.

Allow the business print experts at GD Print help you design new and attractive signage for your shop that will increase foot traffic and drive up sales.

Call GD Print on 01425 621590 or visit them online today!

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