Discount On Luxury Business Cards In May

discount on luxury business cards graphicPremium Business Cards With Digital Embossing

If you’re looking to take your business to the next level, you’re going to want an entirely new level of business cards. You need beautifully crafted, tactile business cards designed to leave a lasting impression on your clients and prospective leads. An now, during the month of May, you can get a discount on luxury business cards.

No one will leave your business card behind when it feels so genuinely luxurious. If you’re looking for a business card design that will leave a memorable impression, then you need digitally embossed, premium business cards. 

In a digital age, business cards are more important than ever, as a means of forming lasting “real” relationships that are vital to growing your business. High quality business cards mean that you care about the details of your own business, which makes you more likely to care about the details of others.

These digitally embossed business cards come with free, dual sided printing. This makes them ideal for overseas business travel. Doing business outside of the country requires a dual translation card, with one side printed in the language of the hosting country. See our article on Business Card Etiquette Around the World.

Get a Discount on Luxury Business Cards in May

Our embossing process involves utilizing a UV Digital Embossing Press from Scodix to digitally print with clear ink, creating a dramatic, three-dimensional effect. 3-D business cards are printed on super heavy 450GM silk board for a luxurious, velvety feel.

A luxury card speaks volumes about your business. GD Print Management offers the following premium features on our luxury business cards:

  • Litho printed in 4 colour process
  • Single or double sided
  • Soft touch lamination both sides
  • Starting at £57.50 for 250 + vat In May only – Starting at £ 43.13
  • No Extra Charge For Printing on Both Sides

Choose from hundreds of templates to design your own business cards, or upload your artwork for a more bespoke card.

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