Digital Wallpaper Increases Productivity, Creativity, and Sales

Digital Wallpaper Increases Productivity, Creativity, and Sales

There are many reasons to make use of eye-catching power of digital wallpaper for your business or school. If you’re looking to increase the productivity of your office staff, mood brightening digital wallpaper can offer brilliant solutions. When you’re hoping to increase sales in your retail space, digital wallpaper can be a part of creating an inspired sales environment. For increased creativity in your students, digital wallpaper can offer design solutions that perfect for the educational environment.


The benefits of digital wallpaper include:

  • Brightening Dark Spaces
  • Increasing Creativity
  • Increased Productivity
  • Hiding Unsightly Walls
  • High Impact Advertising
  • Increased Revenue
  • Hide Unattractive Walls
  • Easy To Use In Any Location
  • More Efficient Than Painting

Wallpaper Murals Leads to Happier Employees and Higher Productivity

A Forbes Magazine article, from 2014, discussed a study by Sonja Lyubomirsky, Laura King, and Ed Diener. The study revealed that happy people produce better, on average, than unhappy people. Overall, the study showed an average of 31% higher productivity, 37% higher sales, and three times more creativity. Business leaders often make the mistake of assuming that happiness comes from success. They forget that happy people are often more successful people. Happiness can enable success, in every facet of life.

Adding digital wallpaper to a dull workspace can increase the ambiance and lift the mood of the entire office staff. Combined with pleasant music and pleasing aromas, employees can be externally motivated toward greater happiness and productivity.

Digital Wall Art Can Motivate Higher Spending And Increased Sales

Stores and casinos all over the world make use of “mood enhancing” variables to create a more pleasant experience. This pleasant experience lifts the mood of customers and guests. They are more willing to spend money in a place that makes them happy. Mood enhancements can include soft music, pleasing aromas, and, certainly, pleasant and creative wall art. Digital wallpaper is the most cost-effective way to add artistic or dramatic touches to any work, retail, or school space.

Digital Wallpaper is Cost-effective, High-Impact Art

Get the look of hand painted murals at a fraction of the cost with digital wallpaper. Whether you are looking to brighten up a dull conference room or redecorate an entire restaurant, digital wallpaper can be your most cost-effective solution. You’ll get high-quality graphics that adhere to any wall surface, at a great value.

Digital Wallpaper Can Be Installed Anywhere

Wallpaper can be printed on a variety of materials, depending on your specific needs. There are a few things to consider when choosing your wallpaper mural design and the appropriate material.

  • Ease of Installation – Is there a door or window that may cause installation issues?
  • Surface Texture – Is your wall surface rough or smooth? How difficult might adhesion be?
  • Changeability – Are you likely to change your wallpaper mural graphics frequently?
  • Indoors or Out? – Will the wallpaper mural be likely to endure harsh weather conditions?

Let Us Help You Design The Digital Wallpaper You Need

At GD Print and Management, Gary Dobbs and his staff of experienced business print professionals combine a lifetime of print experience with cutting-edge, large-format, printing technology to provide creative masterpieces that will compliment any business or school space.

Designing digital wallpaper for your business or school space can be overwhelming for someone new to the process. Gary will come to you, discuss your needs and vision, and help you design the wallpaper mural for your business that will make a lasting difference for years to come. They follow through with professional installation. GD Print and Management contracts with licensed, qualified installers across the UK to provide professional installation for all of their digital wallpaper. If you have installers on hand, you can purchase just the product, without installation.

An Example of digital wallpaper installed by GD Print at a workout facility
A professional, digital wallpaper installation by GD Print, at a local workout facility. Health Clubs and gyms make great use of digital wallpaper to inspire greater effort from their clients.

Contact Gary at GD Print and Management to schedule a consultation. He will help you design high-impact, mood enhancing digital wall paper for your business or school. Or, call us on 01425 621590.

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