Business Card Etiquette in India

Business Card Etiquette In IndiaBusiness Card Etiquette in India

India is the world’s seventh largest country, with the second largest population. It is made up of hundreds of small, cultural groups, with separate religious and ethnic backgrounds, as well as different social castes and educational levels. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to doing business in India. However, as one of the more westernized Asian nations, the business environment is not overly formal and tends to be friendly, though it can still, at times, be fairly traditional. Understanding business card etiquette in India, as in other parts of the world, can help you put your best foot forward in forming lasting business relationships.

Business Card Etiquette in India

  • You’ll need plenty of business cards if you visit India, and not just for business meetings. Business cards are exchanged in many non-business situations, generally after each initial meeting and handshake.
  • Most business people in India speak English, and it is not necessary to have dual translation business cards.
  • Greet the eldest or most senior person in the room, first.
  • Use proper titles, such as Mr. or Mrs., unless asked to do otherwise.
  • Use proper academic titles, if any.
  • Men may shake hands with other men, and women with other women. It is not customary for men to shake hands with women, however. If a woman offers to shake a man’s hand, it is ok to do so, but a man should never initiate the handshake.
  • If handshakes are not offered, a traditional greeting of “Namaste” is appropriate. This greeting is given by holding your palms together under your chin, bowing slightly and smiling, while saying, “Namaste.”
  • Present your business card facing the other person, with the face up.
  • Your business cards for India should include any university honors or degrees.
  • Always give and receive business cards with your right hand. The left hand is considered unclean.

Being prepared to do business puts you in a good light wherever you go. This is true in India, as well. Before traveling to India for business, be sure to have lots of great-looking business cards on hand, to pass out wherever you go. You never know when the business card exchange of today could turn into the business opportunity of tomorrow.

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